Lab Grown Diamonds or Lab Created Diamonds are quickly becoming our number one sellers. 

We love lab grown diamonds for a number of reasons. 

They are real diamonds and are Identical to natural diamonds in every way. Anyone who says they can tell the difference between a natural and lab grown diamond with their naked eye, is not being truthful.

If someone asks if your lab grown diamond ring is a real diamond, the answer is YES! Lab Grown diamonds are real diamonds. Full stop. Plus your lab grown diamond comes with some added benefits.

Environment: Diamonds grown in the lab are far less impactful than open pit mined, natural diamonds.

Ethical: Lab Grown Diamonds are conflict free

Price: Typically Lab Grown Diamonds are 1/2 the cost of natural diamonds.

Quality: Lab Grown Diamonds are available in the same Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight of Natural diamonds. 

We certainly love natural diamonds as well, but more and more we are seeing the value in getting more value for your money by recommending Lab Grown Diamonds. To search our inventory of thousands of Lab Grown Diamonds, please click the link below

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